What People Are Saying About “The Ascension”

A magical tale of three siblings who rise to embrace a perilous calling, Lauren knocks it out of the park with her first installment of the Ascension series.

– Award Winning Young Adult Author Barry Kienzle

“The Ascension” is a unique offering. Written by a teen author for teens, this book will reach casual readers, particularly boys who wouldn’t choose a book as their first form of entertainment. It’s incredibly fast paced, with relatable teen dialogue, featuring teen heroes. You fall in love with these well-defined characters and root for them to overcome the odds.

– K-12 Teacher Cynthia Branstetter

While spending 30 years teaching and as an administrator in public schools, I made it my business to read hundreds of young adult books. Unlike many of the offerings in this category, “The Ascension” is exceptional. Lauren weaves a story of action, conflict, duty, and sibling love. As word spreads, this book will have the potential to kick off a Harry Potter-like craze. I see more books, television and movies in author Lauren Hudson’s future.

– Retired Assistant High School Principal and K-12 Teacher Cheryl Martin

What People Are Saying About “The HR Lawyer Within You”

A detailed and extremely thorough guide to teaching the essential ingredients of thinking like an HR lawyer….You just need to read this book to discover it!

– HR Professionals Magazine

In the HR Lawyer Within You, Rob shares practical wisdom gained over decades of helping clients comply with the law and avoid costly litigation.

– Michael Vogt, Vice President of Human Resources, Mazak Corporation

The HR Lawyer Within You presents HR/legal basics in a unique, conversational style, along with providing insightful, advanced guidance. A must read for leaders in our field.”

– Amy Meyer, Vice President, Corporate Development, Rhinestahl Corporation

What People Are Saying About “Our Best Tomorrow”

This collaboration, between father and daughter, is the perfect tool to teach our young students the benefits of capitalism and the risks we take when we hinder it. Lauren’s fiction will grab their attention and Rob’s commentary explains the concepts in a language that will resonate with our teenagers. Well done, Hudsons!
– Debbie Simpson, President, Multi-Craft Litho, Chair, Northern Kentucky Chamber, Founder, The Women’s Initiative

In “Our Best Tomorrow,” Rob and Lauren teach principles which, at times, have been overlooked in public school curricula. The book reminds our youth that in America, with hard work, education, and freedom we can achieve anything. It encourages critical thought about our businesses and government, contributing to a student’s solid foundation for life.
– Chris McDaniel, Kentucky Senator, President and Owner, McD Concrete

Lauren should be running for President in the year 2056.

– Stuart Varney, Varney & Co., Fox News

What People Are Saying About “A Better Tomorrow”

“A Better Tomorrow” addresses the critical role businesses serve as the foundation for successful communities. Hudson shares remarkable business success stories and identifies burdensome regulations which must be removed so more people can succeed. This is the best path to a better tomorrow.

– Dave Hatter, Mayor, City of Ft. Wright and Past President, Libertas Technologies, LLC

A must read for any pro-business candidate for political office. Rob provides a roadmap for how to communicate pro-business principles in clear, persuasive language which can connect with all people.

– Greg Shumate, Chair, Kenton County Republican Party

Rob presents a sharp political bellwether perspective for all Americans, along with a powerful message of hope for our future. He demands our politicians stand firm on basic principles to unite us around a plan that builds a better tomorrow.

– Robert Schrage, Former Professor, Northern Kentucky University and Assistant Director, Northern Kentucky Area Development District